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For some of the best cacao

In the world .

Above and beyond fair trade.  Single origin lots.  Native ancient varieties. 

Highest quality processing.  Zero waste and carbon positive. 

Really? "The best in the world"?!?
know your farmer
Redefining "Fair Trade"

We are PROUDLY NOT Fairtrade certified. Yes, you read that correctly. Direct, fair, just and socially responsible trade at a whole deeper level.

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Sustainably sourced native organic cacao
sourced with care

Sustainably stewarded ecosystems. Preservation and propagation of original native varieties. And the absolute best quality source beans possible.

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Naturally sun drying native organic cocoa
Highest quality processing

How a cacao is processed will SIGNIFICANTLY affect the final quality of the bean. We do it with care, experience and detailed precision like no one else. 

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Organic native cocoa in cacao forest
Planet First, Beyond just Sustainability

Not only carbon-neutral, but carbon-positive. Beyond ecological sustainability, we work towards environmental benefit at every opportunity. Cocoa to help the Earth.

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What is Cacao Eden ?

Cacao Eden is a community-based fair-trade purchaser, top-quality processor,

and exporter of cacao from the Caribbean of Costa Rica.


Direct-from-Farmer Purchasing


Top-Quality Processing

Under the strictest international standards for the highest-quality of fine/aroma cacao, as a minimum,to guarantee the absolute highest quality of processed beans.

➢Fermentation (tailored to each batch)

➢Drying (pure sun or as natural as possible)

Cocoa consolidation and storage warehouse





Climate controlled,


in the midst of the forest.


International Exportation

What's soSpecialabout What We Do

Fair trade organic native Costa Rica cocoa

Direct-from-Farmer Purchasing

Our mission stems from our personal relationships with local farmers;
our objective is to help connect local farmers and their product with the global market, and to connect the “links in the chain” to allow local farmers to sustain their livelihoods and profit with cacao.

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  • Quality is of the utmost importance to us, so much so that our minimum standards exceed any nationally or internationally set standards

  • Farmer-, Community-, Farm-, and Tree-Connected
  • Small batch customized processing
  • Climate-controlled storage, on-site consolidation protected from the elements

  • Single-source, yet very large quantities
  • KNOW your cacao like never before
  • 100% ecological, sustainable and solar-powered
  • Setting new standards and definitions of "fair trade"
  • Stimulating Whole-Ecosystem Integrated Cacao

  • and more...
... so, a LOT actually.

Where Our Cacao Comes From

ur cacao comes from independent farmers and cooperatives from allover the the country, and primarily from the indigenous reservations of the Caribbean of Costa Rica

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