Find Out How We Process Source Trade Sustain Like No One Else

a lot of what we do is Unique

Strictest Quality Control

Quality is of the utmost importance to us, so much so that our minimum standards exceed any nationally or internationally set standards.

Farmer Connected
We know each and every one of our farmers and their communities, and we work with them to help improve their quality of life.
Farm+Tree Connected

We know the direct source farms of all our cacao;  the forest, the soil, the trees and their genetic varieties.

Small Batch Customization
We keep every one of our batches small, so that we can give it the custom treatment deserved after close monitoring.
Origin Single Source

No matter the size of your order, you will know the single origin source farm of every bean we process.

Planet First

100% sustainable, carbon neutral, zero-footprint. And actively working with farmers to preserve and strengthen ecosystems.

Redefining Fair Trade

Consistently raising the bar on what farmers are paid, directly, immediately, and working with them to always increase their incomes.

Know your Cacao

Every order of cacao comes with detailed information on its source including origin farm, time of harvest and processing methodology.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Our completely solar-powered facilities allow us to consolidate over 200 tonnes on site and away from humidity, pests and contaminents.

NovelProcessing Facilities and Approaches

We do thingsDifferently

After years of local research, building upon an incredible wealth of international research and innovations... and not to mention a considerable amount of our own scientific, engineering and sustainability ingenuity...  we've learned and developed our own systems and methods of cocoa handling, processing and stewardship.

The results are palpable.

The results speak for themselves.

Let us share with you.

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The little thingsset us apart

It's the attention to the little details that can make a huge difference.

Well, there are a LOT of little details.


The big things put uson another level

Redefining Fair Trade
Single Estate Lots
Scientific Customizations
Detailed Reports
100% solar Powered
Zero waste
Organic and Native
Tree and Farm to Bean

Experience the Difference,

Experience Cacao Like no other

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