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Real Chocolate

Chocolate is not just chocolate.


Nowadays, chocolate has a 'bad rep'; when most people hear the word chocolate, they think candy, they think of a 'sinful' treat to indulge-in only when they are willing to "sacrifice their diet" or "indulge". But the reality could not be farther from the truth. The reality is that eating chocolate is one of the best things that we can do for our bodies, and in fact our minds (read on for the science behind this). Why the confusion, and why might many of us find this hard to believe? The answer is simple: Real, pure chocolate is purely good for you; but what we have come to think of as chocolate – the stuff labeled as chocolate and sold on the average store shelf – is as much chocolate as a flavored-lollipop is a fruit. Regular, average store-bought chocolate is actually a whole load of artificial & not-good-for-you ingredients with a little cocoa powder thrown in.


The average commercial, modern-day chocolate bar contains less than 14% actual cacao.


Cacao is the stuff that is good for you. Really good for you. And we are not talking about cocoa powder either. For most commercial chocolate makers, cocoa powder is a by-product of cacao that has had all of its goodness – the mountain of nutrients, minerals and healthy-constituents that is pure cacao – stripped-out and sold to a whole other industry.


Pure cacao is loaded with vitamins and minerals: It is a major source of copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and dietary fiber, It is also loaded with nutrients, and at least 128 different good-for-you natural chemicals that are all “uppers” for the human psyche – in other words, all things that have a positive effect on your mind and help you to feel good.



Kua Chocolate is made with 100% whole-bean, pure cacao. Always. We leave all the incredible amount of good stuff in there, naturally.


What is “Real Chocolate”? Real chocolate – chocolate as it originally was and as it is meant to be – is pure cacao with a little bit of natural-flavorings (like a little sugar and maybe some other flavors) added to taste.


Real chocolate, is Kuá Chocolate. Purely good, purely good for you. Experience the taste of real chocolate for yourself, and let your taste buds – and your body – decide. Experience Kua Chocolate today.