Welcome to Kua Chocolate

Ordering From Us

While all of our chocolate is made at the source in Costa Rica directly on our sustainable farm, we make it easy for you to get it delivered fresh directly to your home.


To satisfy the orders of our international customers, we use our freight-forwarding warehouse located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the U.S.A. Once we have made our product at the farm, we regularly ship our chocolates in bulk to Florida, where they are sealed and stored in our climate-controlled facility. This not only serves to keep our chocolates cool and fresh (which is otherwise a classic complication of chocolates produced in the hot and humid tropics), but it is what makes our final product easily accessible to you, the final international buyer. Shipping alone from a country like ours in Costa Rica can normally be extremely costly and thus prohibitive for direct sales to the end-buyer, but not for us with our model.


When browsing our product listings, you might see low quantities listed of a product that might interest you, but you will also see a "Back Order" option. When you place an item on Back Order, our chocolate-making facility in Costa Rica is immediately notified of your request, and your order is added into the queue for the next chocolate-making batches. Your order will then be freshly-made in a timely fashion, and sent on our next bulk shipment with out other orders to Florida. As soon as it arrives in the U.S.A., it will then be immediately forwarded to your home or business. Sure, it's not "next-day shipment", but it is freshly-made chocolate to order!