Welcome to Kua Chocolate

Where We Make It

We make our chocolate directly at the source, in the heart of cacao territory in the Caribbean of Costa Rica. This in itself is a very rare thing, as most chocolate is made at factories far from where cacao itself – the actual raw product – is actually produced. The reason is that it is actually quite difficult to make chocolate in the same areas as where cacao trees grow; while cacao thrives in the humid tropics, the same conditions that provide for the ideal cacao growing environment are the exact opposite of the conditions needed to make a well-tempered, European-style chocolate. This in turn generally creates a sustainability nightmare, and a massive disconnect between raw and finished product, or cacao and chocolate. But not at Kua Chocolate.


We have created a chocolate-making haven of sorts at Kua Chocolate, and all in a purely sustainable manner. Our Chocolate Workshop – where all of our chocolate is produced – is a custom-designed, specially-created earthen structure created in the SuperAdobe style. Constructed of the very earth from underneath where our structure now stands, our circular spaces and nooks actually create and maintain a naturally cool working environment, without the use of any air-conditioning whatsoever. Not only cool, the earthen walls and plasters actually clean and filter the air within as well, making for a super-healthy working environment for person and chocolate alike.


Day-to-day power is harvested from the sun through our own rooftop solar panels. Water is all provided either by natural rainwater or from a fresh natural-spring creek, all filtered through a 7-stage reverse osmosis water filtration system. We have an absolute minimum-waste facility, and any minute garbage that may be produced is responsibly managed on our own property. Sustainability for us is sustainability to the core.