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Our Facilities

Receiving, Cracking and Sorting

Freshly-harvested cacao is received from local farms only if it passes inspection by our quality control experts immediately upon arriving to our facilities. Full pods may be cracked, and all cacao is directly sorted into different classes based upon genetic varieties and quality-indicators.

Preliminary Processing

Cacao seeds are readied for fermentation and processing, and they are inspected a second time to eliminate any beans with potentially undesirable qualities.


We ferment in a “small-batch” system with 6-different sizes of boxes to best accommodate each batch size from 70-kilograms up to a maximum of 1-tonne together, so as to ensure the optimum fermentation for the maximum amount of beans.


Our natural sun-drying areas are designed with solar-amplifiers and maximum airflow for optimum and natural drying conditions.

Cacao "Ovens"

Only if necessitated by a lack of adequate sunshine, our low-heat, slow-dry warming-beds simulate sun-drying as closely as possible, also with integrated solar-amplifiers and around-the-clock bean-movement and management.

Storage Warehouse

Once your cacao is fully-fermented and completely-dried, it is moved to our own sealed, climate- and humidity-controlled storage facility.

Our warehouse can hold over 200 tonnes of cacao at one time in the appropriate conditions to keep it fresh and dry until it is ready to ship directly to you

Designed to Produce the Best Quality

In its simplest terms, cacao processing begins with a raw product – the raw cacao fruit harvested from the tree – and turns it into ready-to-use cacao beans for a chocolate-maker or final end consumer. This principally involves fermenting and drying the cacao beans, but there is much more to it than this. There is a common saying in the industry: Ask a hundred cacao farmers the requirements to properly process cacao, and you will get two-hundred different ways, each one being the “correct” way to do it.

The truth of the matter is that cacao processing is both a science and an art. It follows a formula, but one that is fluid and must be adapted to the particular bean that has been harvested, and can then be further refined and customized to the particular desire of the final customer or user. There are absolute, certain requirements that must be met in order for a cacao to be considered properly- or well-processed by international market standards, but these are just the starting points.


In Harmony with Nature

It begins with the trees, soils, forests and ecosystems, but carries on through bio-dynamic stewardship (daily and via our farm and community work projects) and all through our processing and activities.

100% solar energy powered
Zero Waste

Better than carbon-Neutral, Carbon-Positive