Sourced Like No Other

Redefining "Fair Trade"

Fair and Direct Trade

We are actively working towards one of our core missions, to redefine and deepen the meaning of "fair trade".

At Cacao Eden we pay farmers the highest prices seen in the local industry, currently about twice that mandated by the international Fairtrade standards, and we are continuously increasing with each harvest  these amounts paid directly to farmers.


We know each one of our farmers. We know their farms, their families, their communities. We work with them to help improve their harvests, to help increase their profits, to help them be sustainable.

And at the end of each day, we work with each source farmer, we talk to them about their trees and forests, and we pay them fully, as much as we can and immediately.

The way fair trade was meant to be.

Farmer, Farm, Tree Connected

We love knowing our farmers... and we really love knowing their cacao intimately by actually knowing the source trees.

To really know a cacao, one must know the tree.

To really know the tree, one must know the farm,

To really know a farm, one must know both the physical space, the entire surroundings, and the people... the farmer, the community.

We cherish our personal connections with our farmers, their farms, the trees... with your cacao.

We bring this connection all the way to you with your detailed cacao report and farmer profile, available with each order.

We know our cacao
Sustainably sourced native organic cacao
Organic native cocoa in cacao forest

    Native and Organic

Organic or Bio-Dynamic.

Native Costa Rican or Native Ancient Mayan or Aztec.

Criollo, Forestero or Trinitario genetic varieties.

We've gone to extra lengths to truly know each natch of our cacao, so whatever your cocoa needs, we've got you covered.

Know Your Cacao

With Cacao Eden you can truly and deeply know the source of your cacao like never before.
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