Welcome to Kua Chocolate


Kua Chocolate – Taking fair-trade to the next level in Costa Rica.


The principle of fair-trade begins with improving the prices paid to primary producers in the country of origin of a product. Kuá Chocolate has in fact been setting a new standard for the prices paid to Costa Rican cacao farmers for their product, paying the highest standard prices that the industry has ever seen. We make it a mode of business to pay the highest prices to farmers for their cacao, not only because we want the absolute best cacao in the world for our chocolate, but further because we believe that local farmers deserve these prices, to be paid better always.


According to Fair Trade USA. “Fair Trade” means business practices that: protect the environment; enable transparency, and; empower communities. These practices are not buzz-words, labels nor certifications to add to a product; at Kua Chocolate, they are all simply a part of who and what we are.