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Know Your Chocolate

Know your chocolate like never before...


With Kuá Chocolate, not only can you know all about how our chocolate is made and all that goes into it, but following from our ethics of product transparency and the absolute optimum level of quality control, we are proud to be able to share with you information on the exact farm that the cacao used in your particular chocolate bar came from – specific and accurate to each and every single, individual bar. When you purchase Kua Chocolate, you will find a sticker on each bar featuring the name of your bar's farm. We are able to do this since all of our cacao and chocolate is hand-made in small-batches, and again with always the strictest of quality control standards.


Simply enter below the name of the farm as you find it on your bar, and read on to find out who the farmer is who stewarded the cacao used in that bar, where precisely the farm is located and more!


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