Welcome to Kua Chocolate

What Makes Us Different

Real chocolate – Pure Chocolate – Kua Chocolate.


Kuá Chocolate is the natural union of traditional chocolate as first discovered by humankind with the modern-day technology and style of European-style fine chocolate.


Kuá Chocolate is real chocolate, pure chocolate true to its original base of being an unadulterated form of one core ingredient: Cacao. The idea of 'chocolate' was born of the idea to present the goodness of cacao – the incredible body & mind values, benefits and nutrients of the super-food that is cacao – in a most delicious and ready-to-consume fashion for people to enjoy. Chocolate is cacao, pure whole-bean cacao, with sweetness and any additional complementary flavors added to taste.


All Kuá Chocolate consists of two ingredients and two ingredients only: Pure, whole-bean organic cacao, and raw organic sugar. Nothing more, nothing less.


Rediscover the pure goodness of chocolate with Kua Chocolate; Purely nutritive for your body, wholesomely beneficial for your mind, and a true pleasure for your taste-buds. With 9 different levels of sweetness, just choose your own personal level of “dark/light” preference (whether it be a lighter, or sweeter, 67% bar or a “darker” 87% bar, for example) and you can always feel good about nourishing your body and mind with what it craves. Experience the Kuá Chocolate difference.