Welcome to Kua Chocolate

Our Story

Kuá Chocolate is a small, family-run operation, founded in Costa Rica by a Canadian (Ahki), an American (Caitlin) and our Costa-Rican daughter.


Ahki first came to Costa Rica in 2007 as a volunteer; As an Environmental Professional in Canada teaching children and communities about the importance of ecological spaces, how to protect them and how to create them, he was coming to Costa Rica originally to teach the science and practicality of creating organic (household and community) organic gardens. Once here, Ahki was introduced to cacao, specifically to cacao trees and the vast cacao crops of the southern Caribbean which had been mostly abandoned due to a fungal disease which decimated them in the 70's.


Ahki fell in love with the cacao trees, and with the region. He began working closely with the cacao, learning more about the challenges of this crop and researching how to work with it all in an organic, ecologically-sustainable manner, including integrated soil-stewardship and crop diversification. He soon began his own not-for-profit association which would accept students and volunteers from all around the world to help research in this realm and to lend their findings and efforts to local producers, primarily indigenous farmers.


A few years later, Ahki fell in love again. This time it was with another volunteer who had come to learn about what he was doing – Caitlin. Caitlin took-up a position in the volunteer association, and as their relationship deepened they decided to get married. With a background in Ayurvedic medicine and healing, her passion came through food, and it was not long before she began making pure, healthy, flavorful chocolates.


Our start saw us making chocolates out of our home to sell at local markets. Once our daughter was born – who immediately became an integral part of our operation – our business formalized and grew into Kuá Chocolate. Today we have our own farm, our own cacao forest, our own chocolate workshop constructed of earth, and our magical life of cacao and chocolate to share with the world. You can read more about how and where we make Kuá Chocolate, even come visit us to experience it first-hand yourself, or order our gift of chocolate directly to your door today.


- The Kuá Chocolate Family