Welcome to Kua Chocolate

What is Kuá

Kuá is the Bribri word for plant or seed.


The Bribri people - literally translated as "children of cacao and corn" indigenous to Costa Rica - continue their history & tradition of this "food of the gods" with us still today.


Cacao has been present in Costa Rica since at least the 1400's, and as Costa Rica's indigenous 'first peoples' the Bribri have a very rich, profound experience with cacao Cacao carries a very special significance in the Bribri culture, and as with most ancent cultures including the Mayans and Aztecs, cacao has traditionally help a place of the most sacred, spiritual regard.


At Kuá Chocolate, all of our very first experiences with cacao were imparted as a gift of teaching to us by some of our very first Bribri friends. We have since learned all that we can from this deep-layered culture, friends, Shamans and surrounding communities. We live and work closely with the Bribri, and most of the cacao that we use to make our chocolates comes directly from deep within the Bribri reservations still. We give thanks to all that the Bribri peoples and culture have shared with us, and continue to share with us each day.